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6 Mistakes that Make You Hungry Faster

People who easily feel hungry despite just finished eating,probably because of health problems such as diabetes. But it many have been caused by the mistake you make when eating.

Hunger may increase the desire to re-grab the food,making you eat too much,and cause obesity. Note 6 things that can  cause excessive hunger even just eaten.the following:

1.Drinking soda or alcoholic beverages before meals
 Drinking carbonated or alcoholic beverages before meals can produce acid in the stomach, so that when the food started to go into the stomach, the digestive organs are ready to digest food. It can speed up the process of digestion and makes you quickly feel hungry.

2. Eat less protein 
Proteins can affect feeling of fulness in the stomach and the brain.So someone needs to eat foods that contain protein that are not easily hungry. According to recent research, people who eat a diet of 15 percent protein level is lower than the total calorie of food consumed, will find it easy at all hungry.

Eat foods rich in protein at the breakfast table,like a boiled egg, whole grain cereals, and yogurt so you do not easy feel hungry throughout the day.this can prevent you from eating snacks excessive because too hungry before lunch time.

3. Eating foods that contain herbs and certain spices
The spices have health benefits for the body,of which increase appetite.But some  certain hers can make you feel hungry despite just eat,including mustard,turmeric,ginger and parsley.

Mustard can increase the flow of saliva and digestive juices that can stimulate appetite. Turmeric,ginger and parsley contains certain substances that can effect the brain to stimulate the appetite.

4.Eating foods that contain high fructose corn syrup
High-fructose corn syrup is a sweetener that is very harmful to health and is a major cause of obesity and diabetes. So you still are not satisfied despite just ate.

5. Eating salty foods
Researchers have found that you may feel full after eating salty foods,but high salinity can effect the sensors associated with the satisfaction of hunger and desire to eat again.

6. Eating foods diet 
Usually a low-fat diet,make sure to read the nutrition label. Choose a diet containing more sugar ,carbohidrates,and sodium to create a delicious flavor. But study suggests that the sweetener in diet foods or beverages can actually stimulate the appetite.   
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