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New Beverly Hills Diet

In the original Beverly Hills diet begins with 42 days of initiation is very tight. But the new system is more balanced diet recommends. In this type of diet is not just what and how much is consumed, but rather on what foods can be eaten together.
This is because when one of the foods consumed too much and mixed with different types of food that would make a functioning enzyme to metabolize these foods become confused that encourages weight gain.
Just as the fruit itself digestible and converted into nutrients in the intestine within 15-20 minutes. While carbohydrates takes 3 hours to digest, protein takes 10 hours or more, and almost never get fat consumption.
Steps taken to implement the new Beverly Hills diet
In doing this diet, protein is consumed with protein (and fat), carbohydrates are consumed with carbohydrates (and fat), while fruit consumption.
To start the day with fruit consumption can be enzymatically like pineapple, strawberries, grapes or watermelon. This fruit can be consumed without limit, but need to wait 1 hour before switching to the other pieces and it took 2 hours before eating carbohydrates, fat or protein.
If after eating the fruit and carbohydrate consumption, so a person can eat carbs without limit until a later time to consume protein. If when eating carbohydrates mixed a little protein, then about 80 per cent of everything consumed on the rest of the day should be protein.
Even so, people who undergo this diet allowed one time 'outdoor dining' which between carbohydrate and protein should be combined, for example, eat shrimp with rice or meat with potatoes. But this should only be done once a day only.
If someone were to apply this diet to do well, then one can expect a decline in weight as much as 5-7 kg within 35 days of the program
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