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Diet Effective by Knowing How to Maintain Weight

Diet to lose weight is not really something that's hard, just need to do the right methods and consistent in living it will obtain good results. But if you are wrong in a diet then there is a temporary weight loss. It could even go up if they can not keep. You need to know the technical maintenance of weight before undergoing a series of diet program.
In a study sparked a new approach which, although counterintuitive, but it can keep your body slim in a long time. People who want to lose weight need to learn how to avoid gaining weight back before a diet.

The study involved 267 women who were overweight and obese were divided into two groups to test the theory. The first group was asked to follow a weight loss program that emphasizes the 20-week immersion increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, increasing physical activity, and record food consumed in the diary.
The group was gathered for 90 minutes each week with a facilitator who helps the women learn strategies to lose weight. After 20 weeks, the group was asked to attend vocational training classes keep the weight by an instructor diet for 8 weeks.
The second group also underwent a similar program, except that participants were asked to maintain skills training weight before undergoing 20 weeks of weight loss. In the training, both groups were taught how to identify low-fat, low-calorie food is good, and guard against fatigue due to diet.
Both groups lost an average of 8 pounds after 28 weeks. After one year, researchers asked study participants to regroup and do the weighing.
Results showed that women in the second group who received training before weight maintenance diet, gain weight back as much as 2 to 4 pounds more than the first group to receive training at the end of the weight maintenance diet.
This is because a person who has had a class at the end of the weight maintenance diet is no longer motivated to keep the weight because weight was not going back up. Motivation and skills before working hard to lose weight, can survive in the long term.
So that people who diet plan should have the skills to maintain weight training first before running weight loss program.
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