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5 Tricks to Overcome Temptation Diet, In The Office

Diet program that has been running smoothly is often thwarted by a particular moment in the office. Although determined to remain disciplined diet, there are times when we can not refuse an invitation to a party with colleagues. How do I work around this? Here are 5 diet temptation that we often encounter in the office along with the solution:

1. Out to lunch 

Invitation to lunch often makes us off eating a healthy lunch. The solution, specify the day when you bring lunch and eat outside when allowed. If necessary, make an appointment first.If dining out is really unavoidable, you can only chat with colleagues without reservation. If you feel hungry, choose foods that are low in fat and contain lots of vegetables. Select also a little portion.

2. Free food

Anyone who refused were given free food, such as buffet catering at meetings? If you know will get a free meal, let it be a lunch menu or dinner.
However, often we are so hungry eyes even though the stomach is not hungry. You should be able to tell the difference. If not hungry but want to eat, candy prevented by a strong sense of asking her. If necessary, brush your teeth so that you are lazy to eat again.

3. Homemade cakes colleague 

Sometimes a co-worker brought homemade cookies to the office. If it is rejected, he would be offended. No one can force you to eat, let alone just because her uncomfortable. If the subtle rejection he insisted, lie a little. Says if you just eat the cake, so the cake from the co-workers will be eaten later tonight or tomorrow.

Candy Containers 

Containers filled candy that can make our diets fail. Looking at it can make your hands itch to pick it up. Hence, avoid places that provide the candy with a detour. Provide also a healthy snack such as dried or fresh fruit, nuts, whole-grain cereal, or soda with a little fresh fruit. That way, you can snack without worry.

Sharing food 

Sometimes, co-workers want to eat a snack or a tasty dessert only if no one wants to share with her. It is okay to indulge once in a while, remember that it should not be as long as excessive. However, if you do not want to eat, use the trick in point 3.
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