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Protein Diet, Lose Weight Without Starving

Most people think that the weight will go down just like that simply by reducing portions. In fact not that easy, but not as hard as one can imagine. Because when we think only diet to reduce food portions, it is the fact you will suffer hunger. And this is dangerous, rather than being thin, the opposite happened. So that your weight loss program successfully without starving, you can try to do protein diet.
A study at the University of Sydney proved eat foods with high protein content especially effective weight loss in obese women. In just one year, this diet can reduce 10 percent of body weight.

Weight loss is very significant 10 percent in a study about weight. Some women achieve in just 6 months and this is very surprising.

The study involved a number of women who are overweight or overweight, with ages between 18-25 years. Over the past 12 months, the participants were given a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates.

High-protein diets that include 3 meals include side dishes such as meat, fish, eggs and tofu as much as 100 grams per serving. Low-fat milk was also given 2 times a day, while carbohydrates are severely restricted in the portion given 4 times daily.

Setting such a diet provides the energy supply by 1460 calories or 6100 kilojoules, the same as the normal daily intake. The difference is that the day-to-day more to come from carbohydrates, the diet more energy than protein.

To maintain nutritional balance, the participants also got the intake of vegetables and fruit. Regular exercise is also still done with the same intensity that made the comparison control group who did not undergo high-protein diet.

The result, as mentioned, the weight of the participants dropped 10 percent at the end of the study. Although only observed in female participants, the benefits of this diet can also be found the men at least to limit the sugar derived from the decomposition of carbohydrates.
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  1. Protein gives us the energy to get up and go—and keep going.

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