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We all want to feel happier and more carefree. It’s too often that we allow stress to overrun our lives. Many of us struggle from day to day just to feel good let alone feel excited about life. Well, I’m happy to say that there’s a natural way to get a “natural high” otherwise known as “feel-good” hormones and that comes by exercising at least 3 to 6 days a week. 
 If you’re new to living a fit lifestyle then know that you don’t have to jump in head first into a fitness program that will only overwhelm yourself which will just set you back even further once you become overly exhausted and fatigued because your body isn’t conditioned to dive in head first. 
Take it slowly at first, start out by moving more, for example, you could go for a speed walk each morning and then slowly increase your activity to jogging.  As long as you stay active throughout the day you will be able to increase the feel-good hormones in your body which will give you more energy and focus to laser in on your goals.
If you feel stressed out all the time then now is the time to take control of your life to release stress that play havoc on the body. To reduce stress and increase feel-good hormones begin by doing cardio 20 to 40 minutes a day, it doesn’t require you to workout for 2 hours a day it just takes getting your heart-rate up for a sustained period of time. 
By putting yourself first and making exercise a high priority in your schedule you’ll come to realize that life really isn’t as bad as you may of thought because the feel-good hormones will be released making you feel more relaxed and care-free. Stress overpowers the neural pathways in the brain which causes complications in new neuronal pathway development, which is not good!
So if you want to feel better than decide today to get moving! Moderate to vigorous exercise stimulates the release of two vital feel-good hormones in the brain: epinephrine and norepinephrine. These two hormones are associated with stimulating the "happy" sensations in the body otherwise known as a “natural high”.  It’s like jogging enthusiasts that experience a “jogger’s high” after a good long run or after a tough weight lifting session, weight lifters feel incredibly empowered as though they can take on the world. The empowerment & feel good feelings come from the release of the feel-good hormones.
Feel-good hormones also cause the breakdown of glycogen (sugar) in the bloodstream which releases energy to your hard worked muscles which adds in muscle development and fat loss. Exercising is only a win-win activity that will uplift you, enrich your life and help you feel more confident and in control of your life like nothing else can do.  Exerciser also aids in anxiety and depression which comes from being too over stressed. When you’re stressed out the feel-good hormones are basically shut down as your body is in fight or flight mode instead.  And that’s not a fun way to live at all. 
When you exercise regularly you will increase feel-good hormones that will sustain your throughout the day. Soon you’ll find that you’ll become more positive and optimistic naturally and that your life begins to improve in dramatic ways.  
  • Serotonin: 
Serotonin is the happiness hormone. Serotonin regulates our moods and keeps mood-swings at bay.  It also prevents depression and anxiety.  It increases happiness and a sense of well-being. Serotonin can be released by getting exposed to sunlight, by eating foods rich in carbohydrates and by exercising.
  • Endorphins
Endorphins also make you feel good and more relaxed; it also reduces anxiety and pain. Endorphins are released by moderate to vigorous exercising.
  • Dopamine
Dopamine helps with mental alertness and clarity. The lack of it causes fogging thinking and a lack of focus and concentration in addition to setting increase depression and despair. It can be released by eating foods that are rich in protein which is high in any fitness enthusiast’s diet.
The advantages of exercising regularly will improve your health and well-being that pills and therapy can’t even do. So if you’re ready to improve every aspect about your body then take your health & wellness into your own hands and exercise and stay active daily. 
You deserve have health, happiness and to feel empowered 24/7.  Embrace living a fit lifestyle, it truly is life transforming.
With love,
Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach & Life Success Coach
Author of the forthcoming book
Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting
the Life & Body of Your Dreams
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  2. Carol, I agree with every your word. When we don’t exercise we feel weak and tired and stressed...Otherwise, exercising makes our body and brain so strong and productive. Since I started running every morning my work at rated writing became prolific. Then I started to jump over the rope.