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5 Types of Diet Should be Avoided

For the dieter must know many kinds of diet programs are often offered by various health media. And it turns out there are many types of diets that you can do to help lose weight. But you have to start to learn some of the diet, but you should stay away from, because it has the effect bad for your health. According to experts the problem of weight loss, there are 5 types of diet that should be avoided.

The British Dietetic Association said some type of diet followed by the rich and famous often become more extreme and sometimes require medical intervention.
Experts warn that the diet is really no quick way to get a lean body, but it requires a gradual process, and a long time.
Here are 5 types of diet experts advise not to follow:

1. The ketogenic diet Enteral Nutrition (KEN Diet)

This type of diet is mostly done by top fashion models. People doing this diet do not eat at all, but he was given liquid formula through a tube inserted from the nose.
This diet requires a person to be near or attached to the portable pump and the bag containing the fluid for 10 days, he could only escape from this tube for 60 minutes in 24 hours.
Consultant dietitian, Sian Porter said the procedure is very surprising and usually people who KEN diet has some chronic diseases.

2. Party Girl IV Drip Diet

This type of diet offered by private clinics at a cost of approximately U.S. $ 3,916,887 in a single meeting. This diet involves high doses of a cocktail containing vitamins and nutrients are given through intravenous drip like.

3. Six Weeks To OMG [Oh My God] Diet

In this diet a person is required to exercise in the morning after consuming black coffee, after which he should not eat for 3 hours so the body burns fat accumulates. Followed by a cold shower and avoid fruit and protein diet even if it is in the soft drink.
Dietitian says this diet is unhealthy because it is quite extreme, and everyone still needs a healthy breakfast every morning to start the day.

4. Alcorexia or Drunkorexia Diet

In this type of diet a person is encouraged to avoid calories during the week and allowed alcohol party when the weekend. In this case alcohol party function to store calories in the body in the next week.
Experts explain the alcohol diet have little nutrition and can be at risk of alcohol poisoning or even death. Besides the body also needs other substances in addition to calories, such as vitamins and nutrients.

5. Occupation Diet

This type of diet through four phases, starting with avoiding carbohydrates and protein consumption is only allowed for 10 days. This is to help you lose weight faster.

But eliminating one food group is not recommended and can lead to long term problems such as osteoporosis and kidney disorders. Meanwhile, other problems include lack of energy, constipation and bad breath.
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