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Lose Weight With Potato Juice

Potato is one vegetable that is not recommended for consumption if you are on a weight loss program.
But with slight modifications,the potatoes can be a powerful weapon to lose weight.

Potatoes contain nutrients such as calcium,potassium and beta-carotene,and able to meet 10   percent of the body`s daily fiber requirement. Fiber can support the removal of solid waste from the body and accelerate the burning of fat through the digestive system.

In addition,the potatoes can be a good fat burner because it contain vitamin c.
Drink potato juice before meals,can control the production of the hormone leptin and ghrelin,with affect hunger.

Eating foods that keep you full longer is the key to losing weight. The following steps to lose weight with potatoes juice:

1. Choose fresh potatoes
Chips that you choose should be fresh,typically have a strong brown color. Don`t choose potatoes that have faded or been  covered green or white sprouts on it.

2. Make potatoes juice
Rinse potatoes and cut widened several part in order to enter into blender. you can enter potatoes skin, because the high vitamin content it is on the skin. Add natural honey to taste better.

3. Drink potatoes juice before meals
Drink potato juice about 2 hours before breakfast and 1/2 hour before dinner. But after eating potato juice has the same health benefits.

4. Choose healthy food
although you have drinking potato juice every day before meals,this method will not work if you eat un unhealthy food like junk food afterward.Be sure to eat healthy foods after drinking potato juice.    
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