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5 Ways to Change The Walking Can Lose Weight

One major activity that can help you lose weight is to walk away. besides cheap and very easy to do this activity because it has become a daily routine. in principle walking mostly used for weight control, not to lose. But now a lot of methods that change the way the foot becomes an activity that can lose weight.

Most of us assume that walking is a relaxing activity. So it is very seldom that makes walking as a method for weight loss. so it is not surprising if it did not get enough weight by walking.

But apparently a brisk walk for 30 minutes each day alone can burn 150 calories. So one can imagine the results could be obtained by doing so. That means you can lose about 0.5 kg every week just by walking and controlling your diet

Here are some ways to do that walking can help you lose weight:

1. Road alone
Walk with your family or friends will unconsciously make you walk more relaxed, eventually calories burned did not amount to much. If you aim to lose weight, then try to walk alone.

2. Brisk

Brisk walking does not have to run. You just need to pick up speed so it can burn more calories.

3. Select uphill terrain
Walking uphill in the field will put pressure on the fat cells and also put pressure on the calf muscles. So walking will not only lose weight but also build muscle.

4. Walking regularly
Walking never will give a significant effect on the body. In order to lose weight, you should do it regularly, for example every day or once a week.

5. Walk to beach
Walking on the beach will feel heavier than a regular street. This can put pressure so that helps burn fat.
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