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3 Due Diet Too Extreme

If you have determined a diet, you should not be home to live. Due to improper diet method can cause a variety of health problems both physical and mental. Noteworthy is the diet also has ordinances and certain limitations that dieters can both can get the ideal weight in a healthy way.

Extreme dietary intake of less than 1,200 calories per day is not a healthy method to lose weight. There are many negative effects of dieting behavior, including short-term weight loss, dehydration, malnutrition, and long-term health complications. 
Errors in diet can be dangerous because without you knowing it, your body will not only burn excess fat but also supplies of glycogen, a form of carbohydrate. When the body burns glycogen, the body's reserves of water in the well drained so the weight will drop very quickly. In addition, you will feel tired, irritable, lethargic and food cravings.In addition, the wrong diet can slow the metabolic rate of the body and cause other health problems. Extreme nutritional deprivation go hand in hand with dehydration, even though.
 You consume more water during the diet, the body remains difficult to hold the water if you do not eat balanced meals.

Diet really stay away from foods that contain fat also lead to malnutrition because the body requires 30 percent of daily calories come from fat. It also leads to weakening of the immune system, the development of gallstones, hair loss, and related disorders of cholesterol.

Because your metabolism is not working properly, you will be more difficult to lose weight. Even ignoring the strict diet nutrition can cause other problems, as follows: 

1. Mental health disorders
Diet is one cause of depression in most of the perpetrators. This is because of a sense of frustration and despair caused by excessive endeavors that did not produce results. Depression is also accompanied by lethargy, fatigue, mood swings, irritability, lack of concentration and lack of confidence. 
2. Weakened heart
Errors in diet method can disrupt the body's metabolism, increases levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood, and increases the risk of arterial disease and heart problems. This occurs because the immune system is weakened, causing heart palpitations and stress.

3. Eating disorders

Diets that are too tight and a strong desire to get a perfect physical shape can lead to someone having an eating disorder, such as anorexia and bulimia. This can cause a variety of problems such as gastrointestinal bleeding and even death.
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  1. I think it is not right to do a strict kind of diet and stick to some specific kind of foods. It is better to eat a balanced diet with all kinds of foods included.

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