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The power of the words you speak may be more powerful and profound than you may realize.  The power of words has more magnitude than we can truly comprehend.  

As in all aspects of your life what you perceive a reflection of your beliefs will manifest into your life over and over again.  It’s not until we take the time to really contemplate what we want out of life and adjust our thinking and speech accordingly that we will truly see a shift in our experiences.

Below is a tender video with an empowering message, you may have already seen if, even if you have take the time to watch it again, but this time have the intention of letting go of your negative way of thinking and embracing that of what your heart desires. 

Each and every aspect of life is reflected back to us as to what our habitual thoughts are; therefore, if you do not like what you see than change the way you look at it and the things you look at will indeed change.  It's the Law of Attraction in action.  It is how we create our lives on purpose as we co-create our lives with God. 

Use the power of your mind to create your life of purpose.  See your body as you wish it to be, see yourself craving whole foods, see yourself exercising daily, see yourself giving thanks and praying often for the bounty of blessings received each day.  And then watch for the miracle that will without begin to unfold before you… It’s a magical way to live.

Embrace Your Journey to Success each step of the way and enjoy the blissfulness of life and the tender mercies you receive each new day…
Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach 
Life Transformation Expert

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