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Playing Hula Hoop, An Easy Way To Lose Weight

Many ways a person can do in order to lose weight. selected fire way Jen Moore may be tried, he could drop 65 pounds to play the hula hoop routine.

Originally Jen Moore (31 years) had a 130.6 kg body weight. This condition he found that he and her husband Keith really like to eat and never think before eating. If you are bored they will look for an escape to food and have a lazy lifestyle move.

Both had to follow a diet but never succeeded and often ends with a yo-yo dieting. But events in one night markets in which he asked to get off because the safety bar could not cover up the stomach makes is determined to lose weight.

Moore began to familiarize themselves with the hula hoop, wrapped around his waist and keep moving. It took more than two weeks to be able to make the hoop stay around his waist. But from day one, he could already feel a big difference in the abdomen and waist.

Hula hoop made ​​him confident and energetic, and changing the diet. Initially liked snacking snack while reading or watching TV, are now resorting to eating healthy foods.

Before getting to know the hula hoop Moore had initial body weight 130.6 kg. But thanks to regular exercise and a high willingness, his weight is now down to 65.7 kg. In fact he was asked to work as an instructor for a company that helps you lose weight.

Now he too has had an ideal weight and healthy eating. These healthy habits had already taught her children, because he did not want his children to have the body fat and suffer later.
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