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Control The Size Of The Meal Is One Way To Lose Weight

Keep your weight by controlling the size of food portions may not be as difficult as you think. You just need to find ways to cut calories without the need to avoid your favorite foods.

Here are ways you can do to control the size of the meal in order to obtain an ideal weight, include:

1. Accounted for half of the regular portion

If you like to eat a snack such as a packet of potato chips, do not spend it all and just half of it. If there is still a desire to snack, overcome by replacing snacks with fruit.

So is the big meal, eat half a serving of eating normally. If you still feel hungry, overcome by eating fruits or vegetables. Try to replace all the food that is cooked with fruits and raw vegetables.

Cooked food takes longer to digest, while fruits and raw vegetables contain more fiber makes you feel full longer.

When eating out, ask the waiter to provide an extra plate to cut half a serving of the food you ordered. Also, do not easily tempted to add that food orders are usually offered at fast food restaurants.

2. Note the portion of calories from the food you eat

Prior to eat snacks, make sure to always pay attention to nutrition labels on the packaging. Portion of the calories that can derail your diet remains even after reducing the size of the meal by half.

But if the portion of calories in food are too low, it makes you tend to eat more because they feel too hungry due to inadequate intake of calories.

Note the number of calories from the foods you eat, before deciding to cut the portions by half. Good healthy snacks to keep you not too hungry when meal time of arrival.

3. Expand servings of vegetables when eating buffet

When it was at a dinner, it is very difficult to control yourself take food in large portions. The trick to overcome this is to take the vegetables in a larger portion than meat or other fatty foods.

Eat vegetables such as carrots and broccoli first before turning to the meat. This will make you quite full before eating fatty foods, so you do not eat fatty food in large portions.
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