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Negative Impact Of Consuming Diet Soda

For reasons of health and weight, you begin to reduce the consumption of soda and switching to diet soda. According to health experts, diet soda is free of calories.

But that does not mean the drink does not have a negative impact on the body. As quoted from the Prevention International, here you are no longer a reason to eat a diet soda.

1. Not Good for Skin
Diet soda may lower the pH of the skin, which can cause acne and facial make dull. According to Dr. Jeanette Graf, author of 'Stop Aging, Start Living: The Revolutionary 2-Week pH Diet', 'If there's one thing you should not consume is soda. Soda is an extreme acid-forming substances, and can lower the pH level of your dramatic. "

2. Create-Changed Mood change

The content of aspartame in diet soda can make people feel anxious, depressed and bipolar disorder triggers. Aspartame is also listed as a hazardous chemical because it contributes to neurotoxicity (numbness and tingling in the limbs that can be moved).

3. Weight Increase

Ironically, diet soda can increase a person's weight. Two or more cans a day can increase the waist size to 500%. The findings were made by the medical faculty of The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio.

4. Causes Diabetes and Heart Disease

With increasing waist size and abdominal fat, the more likely a person has diabetes and heart disease. These conclusions were published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, in 2010.

5. Create Working Kidneys Slow
Harvard Nurses' Study found that diet soda may interfere with kidney function. There are as many as 30% reduction in kidney function simply by eating two cans of diet soda every day.

6. Aspartame Frequently Associated with Cancer

Although the FDA considers aspartame is safe, but other health organizations indicate that the chemicals that have a risk of cancer. According to research Cesare Maltoni Cancer Research Center, aspartame can increase cancer and are associated with tumors in mice - believed to also occur in humans.
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