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See you again with us to try to explain about the types of herbs and their benefits, if yesterday had been peeled definition of herbal medicine and a little known type of herb, so this time we will continue these discussions, just type next herb is:
Tea parasite
According to the language of Loranthus tea is tea that is derived from the leaves of mistletoe or parasite.this plants is often called a branch or twig growing on plants that are bully plants .But who knows if it turns out these nuisance plants have good content and benefit to human health in particular.
The drug content contained in this tea parasite is:
Contain flavonoid compounds useful as drugs
developing anti-cancer inhibitor of cancer cells

This content is needed by our bodies to avoid the development of cancer cells, because as we know the food we eat every day are not 100% good for our bodies, sometimes the food we eat the less healthy it can lead to cancer, the herbs of this type can in consumption in order to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
>Inhibiting cancer cell
>Shed urine
>Enlarging the heart arteries
>Preventing osteoporosis
>As an anti-inflammatory

This our explanation of this one type of herb, may be useful and i hope we are always in a healthy state.
And the wait is always explanation us about the types of herbal
thank you
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