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Continue discussion of the types of herbs before, so this time we try to decipher kakan one type of herb that is Centella asiatica

Understanding of Centella asiatica

Centella asiatica is a lot of wild plants grow in plantations, fields, road edges, and the rice field. These plants come from tropical Asian region, spread across Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, India, People's Republic of China, Japan and Australia and then spread to various other countries. Commonly known name for this plant Centella asiatica is a leaf other than the horse's legs and antanan.

Since time immemorial, gotu kola has been used for medicinal skin, nervous disorders and improve blood circulation. West Java community recognize this plant as one of the plant for vegetables.

Pegaga (Aceh), leaves hooves (Malay), ampagaga (hobo), antanan (Sunda), Gagan, Gagan, Rendeng (Java), taidah (Bali) sandanan (Irian) broken copper coin, buabok (UK), paardevoet ( Netherlands), gotu kola (India), ji xue cao (Simplified)

As for types of Centella asiatica is:

Centella asiatica is an annual herb that grows plants and flowers spread throughout the year. Plants will flourish if the land and the environment is suitable to be used as pennutup soil. Type of Centella asiatica Centella asiatica is often found is the red and green Indian pennywort. Centella asiatica, also known as red antanan antanan rock garden or as many found in the rocks, dry and open. Centella asiatica growing vine with red stolon (geragih) and has no stem, but have rhizoma (rhizome short). While green gotu kola is often found in many areas paddies and grass on the sidelines. Place a green that is preferred by kola rather damp places and open or slightly shaded. In addition, plants like Centella asiatica or antanan there are four kinds of flowers antanan, antanan beurit, antanan antanan mountains and water.


Centella asiatica is simplisianya known as Centella Herba contains asiaticoside, thankuniside, isothankuniside, madecassoside, brahmoside, brahmic acid, brahminoside, madasiatic acid, meso-inositol, centelloside, carotenoids, hydrocotylin, vellarine, tannins and mineral salts such as potassium, sodium, magnesium , calcium and iron. Allegedly triterpenoida glycoside called asiaticoside is antilepra and wound healing is remarkable. Substance vellarine is giving a bitter taste.


Centella asiatica taste sweet, be cool, has the function of cleaning the blood, blood circulation, peluruh urine (diuretic), fever (antipiretika), stop the bleeding (haemostatika), increased neural memory, anti-bacterial, tonic, antispasma, antiinflammatory, hypotensive, insecticide , allergy and stimulants. Saponin which is inhibiting the production of excessive scar tissue (inhibit the occurrence of keloids).

Other gotu kola benefits of improving blood circulation to the arms and legs; prevent varicose veins and wrong; improve memory, mental and stamina, and decreased symptoms of stress and depression. Centella asiatica on research in public hospitals surabaya dr.soetomo can be used to lower blood pressure, not decrease drastically, so suitable for elderly patients.
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