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This time there is a type of herb that is very good for digestion and stomach, because already in the know that the source of all disease comes from the stomach therefore we must always maintain the good health of our stomach ang food unhealthy lifestyle or a bad thing, but there is an herb that can be recommended to maintain the health of our stomach that is PELAWAS
Intestine is the main organ in determining a healt persons. High-fiber foods may reduce the risk of chronic disease and high cholesterol levels. This product is an herb that has a high fiber content and very good to those who face problems in the intestinal portion. Pelawas can reduce the risk of disease by reducing the transit time of food in the gastrointestinal gastrousus and help reduce LDL cholesterol levels and helps stabilize blood sugar content.

Accordingly, Pelawas act binds fats and bile ASID incurred as a waste material that will find pengamal LDL cholesterol levels will decrease after a few weeks of practice Pelawas. This product acts as a soluble fiber and Pelawas kerana it can control blood sugar levels.

Pelawas can also absorb high water content and this will facilitate the process of defecation. Pelawas can mengubati problems in the colon such as diverticulitis and irritable bowel syndrome (unclean clogged and bonded in the colon wall).

Pelawas very good for those who want to escort the excess weight levels.

This product is not suitable practiced by pregnant women.

Ingredients Ingredients: Ipmea reptans
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