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After the initial posting we tried to analyze what is the definition of herbal madicine, then on a post this time we will try to explore different types of herbs that are widespread in society, we have immediate start:
Habbatusauda in the sense of language in different countries are as follows:
Arabic -> Habbatus Sauda ', Habbatul Baraka, Kamun Aswad
Armenia -> Shoushma
Estonia -> Mustkoomen
India -> Kalounji
English -> Nigella, Love in a mist. Fennel Flower, Onion Seed.
Italy -> Nigella
Germany -> Zwibelsame, Schwarzkummel
Canada -> Korijigi
Norway -> Svartkave
France -> cheveux de Venus, Aligelle
Russia -> Chamustika
Spain -> Niguilla, Pasionara
Tamil -> Karun Jiragam
Turkey -> Corekotu Siyah
Indonesia -> Black Cumin
In a general sense is a grain in the trust had centuries to cure various diseases both mild to severe and chronic illnesses ......
The efficacy of habbatusauda among others:
a.Preventing the increase in blood sugar and blood clotting
b.Reducing the amount of cholesterol and fatty acids
c.Circulation of blood and urinary organs
d.Contains anti-bacterial, omega 3,6,9 and as anti-oxidants
e.Improve the function of the digestive system organs
f.Accelerating recovery after bruise
g.Cleans toxins from the body and protect normal cells from virus destroyer
h.Destroy tumor cells and stabilize cell membranes
i.Helps reduce allergy and facilitate breastfeeding
j.Improve memory (strengthen brain cells)
k.Relief of pain at the time of menstruation (coming months)
l.Helping launch the respiratory tract, etc
Maybe so we're trying to explain about the types of herbs for the moment, for other types of herbs will be peeled in next posting. I hope to bring benefits
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