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Again we meet in the advanced explanation of the types of herbs and this time we will explain one of the herbal drink that can be shaped in daily consumption of RADIX COFFEE
Herbal This one is kind of herbs for prevention and health maintenance and can be consumed at any time.

Savor Coffee Radix:

Eliminate Joint Pain and Back Pain
Rheumatism, arthritis and inflammation occurs which results than berpunca of temperature imbalance. Impression realize excess uric ASID ASID as a cause of gout. Radix coffee will act as a diuretic (urine multiply) by offsetting the temperature and ASID. There are many testimonials that tell the excess use of Radix can eliminate back pain and knee.

Fever Heat
Coffee Drinks Radix will want to relieve fever if taken at the initial ranking kerana material contained in Radix will increase imuniti system to kill the germs that invade the body. Action bioflavonoids will increase the longer aktiviti imuniti cells with the movement to speed up the attack. Radix coffee drinks will cause one's urine with a lot, sweating and feel thirst. The impression it made one's thirst pesakit that drinking lots of water in which the body temperature will re-stabilized.

Radix For Women
Radix has antioxidant ingredients that may memerangkapkan free radicals that cause various diseases. For women who face the problem of whiteness, melt cecair can be eliminated by just drinking coffee Radix, as well as senggugut. Radix coffee has the impression that may be issued poisoning detoxification in the liver and blood travel fix. For women the menopause, they need pytoestrogen and calcium for bones and this may be found in the Coffee Radix.

Kopi Radix To High Sugar Levels Associated Disease in Blood & Blood Pressure Not Normal
Radix also contain adequate betasitosterol and stigmasterol which acts as a hypoglycemic (lowering paras glukos). Diuretics make double strength coffee Radix also be used to treat abnormal blood pressure.

Kopi Radix herb contain adequate seven options:
1. Tongkat Ali (Aphrodisiac / antioxidant).
2. Principal Eyes coney (diuretic).
3. Principal Teja Lawang (carminative).
4. Principal Sugarcane Elephant (antidotes).
5. Principal Forest Noni (LAXATIF).
6. Halban (IMUNITI).
7. Larak Forest (cardiotonic).
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