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The next discussion still on the types of herbs, namely Spirulina
Understanding of spirulina
Spirulina is a plant (green algae), the oldest existing on the earth 350 million years ago and is a food that contains the most complete nutrition.
So with these nutritional spirulina is one type of herb that is very popular today and many are recommended to cure various diseases or to maintain the immune system
The usefulness of spirulina is:
a.prevent cancer cell growth
b.heart disease drug
c.AIDS drug
d.increase endurance
e.lowering cholesterol
f.lowering high blood pressure,

The content in spirulina are:

>Betacarotene 25 times richer, and content contained in carrots, (Beta-carotene is natural antioxidants that are useful to combat cancer, heart disease, AIDS, virus, bacteria, and enhance the body's defense was even able to help victims of nuclear radiation
>Vitamin B12 spirulina is 25 times of that found in beef liver. B12 is important to increase energy, growth, nerve function, and internal cleansing
>The content of vitamin E-rich spirulina is 3 times more than wheat
>Spirulina is the only plant that contains (Gamma Liilonenic Acid) GLA which can help lower cholesterol and high blood pressure desease , and various other diseases. GLA, in mother's milk helps the baby's health.
>Spirulina Iron; 58 richer than spinach, and easily absorbed
>Protein Spirulina, doubled and soybean, and 3 times more than beef, fish or eggs.
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  1. I have read above blog on Spirulina powder.its wonderful item for health. Great work on this website.Hope to see the next blog soon on spirulina Powder.