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If in the definition of herbal medicine is explained a lot about the kinds of herbs, then the next we will discuss herbs for health because it is based on expert research on many diseases that can cure with herbs without using chemicals
And this time the discussion was "saffron transform and brain health"
and explanation as follows:...

Turmeric not only flavor the dish and bring the aroma of savory and seductive colors. A new finding reveals the benefits of turmeric for the brain.

Turmeric not only adds flavor to foods, but also beneficial to brain health. The researchers found that the spices are commonly used as spices may contain compounds that may help prevent nerve disease.

Lots of drugs derived from nature. Such as aspirin and quinine, both derived from the bark of trees, while digitalis, cardiovascular medicine, derived from the flowers. Researcher Dave Schubert of the Salk Institute in San Diego examined the turmeric, a spice commonly used, especially in South Asia and Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.

\ "If you look at the epidemiology of Alzheimer's in India, and compared with other countries, India has a rate of Alzheimer's are much lower compared to other countries, \" said Schubert.

Curcumin is believed to give protection to the brain. Curcumin is believed to give protection to the brain.

He and other researchers believe one reason is to consume turmeric may have a protective effect on the brain and nervous system. This allegation is not easy to prove, but Schubert began by examining some of the compounds of spices. He found that at least one compound, curcumin, has the effect protect the brain cells of laboratory animals with neurological injury.

Curcumin did not directly work on the brain, but rather to protect some parts of the body, how typical of medicines derived from nature.

\ "Turmeric is an antioxidant, prevents inflammation, \" said Schubert. \ "So, maybe turmeric does not necessarily indicate the effect, but rather are additive or indirect impact. \"

Schubert believes may curcumin from turmeric and other compounds can be used to actually protect the brain from traumatic brain injury, stroke or even Alzheimer's.

\ "The idea is to give drugs such as curcumin or the other before the people affected by concussion and other injuries, and drugs that might prevent or reduce the effects of those cuts, \" said Schubert. \ "So prevention is certainly a major aspect. \"

Schubert has been working with a number of scientists in several laboratories, and they have several research papers that have been published. He tried to interest the pharmaceutical industry and the military to be invited to cooperate in creating drugs from turmeric. Meanwhile, he said, certainly does not hurt to keep adding saffron in your cooking.
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