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June 9, 2008

Well, today I woke up feeling like I had a cold again! I was not pleased! This spring has been too cold, my kids have coughs and don't feel well either. We're supposed to be out swimming and enjoying hot weather, not resting inside all day. Hopefully we will be soon!

I rode Flasher's this evening, he was such a pill! He crow-hopped on me! I swear he's like an adolescent boy. He's all cocky and seems to have a bit of ADD. It's partially my fault of course, I haven't been training him like I should. He's a lot of fun though, once I got him settled down he did really well. I have to get back to training my horses everyday like I used to. I need more time and energy to run my construction company, do Liv SXinney, train my horses and be a fun mom & wife, along with a house keeper, oh yes, and I can't forget working out each day... whew! Its no wonder I'm tired lately! ;P

Tomorrow's a big Liv SXinney day, I'm meeting some new ladies for lunch. I'm excited to introduce the products to them. The lady I spoke to was an absolute doll! And then tomorrow evening is the corporate meeting, I'll be helping with that as well. I love Liv SXinney so much! Most of all I love the many wonderful people I'm meeting, their all so awesome!

Anyway, I better get my kiddo's to bed. I'll chat with ya later....
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