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June 28, 2008

Hello again!

It's been a while since I last checked in. I decided to change my template to the ZXoom colors. It's kinda fun! I've been crazy busy with my construction company. We finally received an offer on our spec, it was lower than we had hoped, but it's an offer non the less! Yea! The family is wonderful which tickles me. I love our homes so much that it's really important to me that loving families buy them. It will feel so good to have it behind us once and for all.

I've also busy with summer activities with my sweet family. One of my best friends and her family are in town too, she's moving back to Utah from Chicago! I couldn't be more pleased! I adore her family so much. We've had a fabulous time hanging out and looking for a rental home for her. She'll probably have us build her a home once her home sells.

I'm really excited to get back to focusing on my Liv SXinney business as well. I'm anxious to get my LivFit International business up and running with my dear friend, Irene. We talk almost daily - I absolutely think the world of her. We're going to have such a ball selling Liv SXinney together. It's such an amazing product. My cute mother called me with some exciting news. She has a bio cleanse machine that she uses. Before she started drinking Liv SXinney Water the water would be dark and murky after a treatment. She said that she did a treatment the other day and the water was a light color! She was shocked and very pleased to say the least. She swears by Liv SXinney. It has such an amazing detoxification effect on the body. People really are have phenomenal results both with weight loss and their health. I love to hear the success stories, it warms my heart deeply knowing how the products have enhanced their lives.

I'm also starting to host SXinney Club Parties. Anyone who joins my LivFit SXinney Team will become a member of my LivFit SXinney Club. I'm going to be hosting a LivFit SXinney Club support group once a month. It will be tons of fun to assist people with their weight lose & fitness goals. Support groups are always highly effective and beneficial for those involved. The groups really help people stay motivated and feel better about themselves, I'm really looking forward to starting it next month.

Well, my kids need me, they're tacking up Page. Dylan rode Page alone for the first time! I'm very proud of him. I have to say that I love, love, love that my kids love horses!!!! Life really is a gift in so many magical ways.
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