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June 4, 2008

It's been a very humbling day. I went to several meetings this morning. While at one of them I learned of a child that was recently run over by her mother, I gasped in unbelief - I was literally nauseous. I can't even imagine the pain and agony the poor mother must be going through. Then a good friend of mine told me she was having family troubles, and my heart went out to her. After I talked with her I ran into another good friend that I haven't seen in sometime, and she told me her ex-husband recently committed suicide, I hugged her as she cried on my shoulder. I wish I could help them all and remove their pains and sadness. Hearing all of the heartache today made me sincerely grateful for all that I have been blessed with. I've been really stressed over our spec home, but in the end its just money. I have a loving husband and healthy, happy children. Today's been a day for self reflection and deep appreciation for my life.

Life is so interesting each day teaches us new lessons. Lessons of love, lessons of patience and understanding, lessons of forgiveness and lessons of trusting life. Tonight I'm going to spend the evening cuddling my children and appreciating all that they are in my life. Life truly is too short not to appreciate all that we have been blessed with. I pray that everyone in the world that is morning over the loss of loved ones are truly comforted by Heavenly Father.

This was a day that I will not soon forget I'm sure...
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