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Vegetable Diet

Diet method is a clue that should be done by dieters who will get the desired target weight and how far the target weight loss within a certain period. And many experts reveal the various methods of diets derived from a variety of foods. One is what is introduced by researchers from the University of Toronto who have discovered that cholesterol can be lowered with the aid of plant-based diet and seeds. The research was done to 400 groups of volunteers with high cholesterol levels. They volunteered to conduct this research, and of the group was divided into three groups each have different levels of cholesterol.
The first group had a diet with low levels of saturated fat. The first group was doing a diet for six months which refers to animal fats and obtained results that the decrease in levels of low density lipoprotein, or bad cholesterol reduction on dieters average of 8 milligrams per deciliter
The second and third group tested two versions of the vegetable diet. They are doing the program for six months as well, and the results obtained are in this group decreased cholesterol levels 24 and 26 milligrams per deciliter respectively. And on the other side of the baseline level was typically about 170 milligrams per deciliter, while the level of 160 milligrams is considered high.
Plant-based diet, including natural fats in the form of nuts, and seeds. Because the plant, which contained practical dietary cholesterol.
So it can be concluded that a diet based on the consumption of nuts and vegetables into a diet is the most effective method compared with methods based on dietary saturated fat.
And indeed become a vegetable that has a content of knowledge is good for human health.
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