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Effective Dietary Choices

Many people believe that the diet is the most effective way to realize the desire to have the ideal body shape. And for reasons of health and appearance as well that people eager to do the diet. But of the many diet programs available, there are some programs that are proven effective diet to lose weight.
To clarify, the scientists from the University of Copenhagen Denmark studying all that is now popular diets. They invited several groups of participants with the problem of overweight, both women, men, and children alike.
To clarify, some nutritionists scientists from several universities to learn all that is now popular diet as has been done by scientists from the University of Copenhagen Denmark. By way of inviting groups of participants who have weight problems, both women, men, even children.

In two months, each group doing a special diet, and at the end of the experiment, the scientists compared the results obtained. In particular, adult participants are offered a low-fat diet, which is 800 calories per day.
Among them:

1. Low-protein diet (13 percent of total energy consumed) with the glycemic index (GI) high.

2. Low-protein diet with low GI.

3. High-protein diet (25 percent) with a high GI.

4. High-protein diet with low GI.

In addition, a group that has been researched nutritional standards followed by recommendations. As many as 45 percent of children who previously excessive weight also follow the diet.

The results, which follow this diet group attained an average reduction of 1.67 pounds (approximately 0.75 kg) in two months. The most effective form of dieting is the third and recognized as the most simple diet.

For those high-protein diet, weight gain on average less than 0.93 kg compared to those with a diet low in protein. In the group of low-GI diet, lost weight less than 0.95 kg of high-GI diet group. Thus as reported by Genius Beauty.

"Therefore, for those who want to lose weight is expected to focus on lean meats, low fat dairy products, and nuts. Limit foods rich in starch, such as white bread and white rice, "suggested the researchers
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