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Food Myths And Answers

In the midst of research on food, not infrequently appear confusing instructions. Coffee for example. Some say coffee is very good for preventing breast cancer cells, but there's also say that coffee is not good because it can increase the risk of stress and heart.

A book by a health writer, Robert J Davis, titled 'Coffee Is Good for You' to try to answer the myths surrounding the health benefits of food. "Although the food should be one of the pleasures of life, some of which have caused anxiety and confusion," he said.

His writing is quite surprising. He called coffee drinkers just do not have the risk of heart disease or stroke. But, they have less risk than those who did not drink coffee.

He also added that the research evidence says that coffee does not increase cancer risk, but it lowers the risk in some cases. In conclusion, coffee far from unhealthy.

Just make sure not to add sugar and milk in coffee because it will increase the calories. And this is exactly what makes the coffee becomes unhealthy.

Not just coffee, Robert J Davis also explained some of the myths that are not true about carbohydrates can add weight. Faculty of Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health also explain why carbohydrates will not help you lose weight.

Another point of controversy is his opinion about organic food that is not always good for humans, and even called MSG is not harmful to the body.

According to him, which presented many nutritional benefits of research are not always black and white. "Meanwhile, following the nutritional advice will be very important for your health, not to ruin your dinner," he said.

Here's a list of myths contained in the book 'Coffee Is Good for You', as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Not true
- You need eight glasses of water every day for good health.
- Sea salt is healthier than regular salt.
- Detox diet makes you healthy.
- MSG is dangerous.
- Carbohydrates increase your weight.

Half right
- Raw vegetables more nutritious than cooked.
- Chocolate is good for you.
- Vitamin C fights colds.
- Gluten dangerous.
- Yogurt improves digestion.

- Wheat lowering cholesterol.
- Trans fats are dangerous.
- The Mediterranean diet is good for you.
- Dairy products can cause cancer.

- Mercury in sushi is a poison.
- Garlic lowers cholesterol.
- Tomatoes prevent prostate cancer.
- Organic produce is more healthful than conventional products.
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