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Subtract The Calories For The Brain Is Always Young

There is an easy way to boost brain power and prolong life, is skip dessert. According to one study, reduced food intake makes a sharper memory and create good health.
Eating is an activity we do every day to meet nutritional needs, calories, and other minerals that need to transform and our survival. And each of us to eat us know of any dessert, a dish usually has a high calorific value. But it turns out desserts that often we eat have some unfavorable effects on health. Some studies even say that one way to boost brain power and prolong life is skipped dessert. Due to reduced food consumption makes memory more sharply and make good health.
In mainland Europe Italy precisely caloric restriction studies have been conducted, differences eventually found that reducing food intake in a certain portion will be improved its health and prolong life. The study lasted for a long time because this has been known for years by experts, and scientists are finding out how much calories you should be pruned to improve health. Hence the study was carried out continuously until the can be found how many calories it takes real human body.

The study focused on the protein called CREB1, known as an important part in terms of memory and learning.
In experiments on mice, he found, reducing calories will drive a sharp memory if these animals can produce CREB1. He also showed that reducing calories increases the amount of protein made in the brain. By cutting 25-30 percent of calories, or about 600 calories every day, people can sharpen the brain's performance.
Thus found that a cup of tea or coffee also increase the number of CREB1 in the body, and this would be a chain effect in our lives and increase the power of thinking.

This research helps explain why the Japanese island of Okinawa residents over the age of 100 years per 100 thousand population than anywhere else in the world. Okinawa residents were eating fewer calories than the average person as a result of cultural Hara Hachi Bu, or eat up to 80 percent full.

This will reduce the amount of free radicals that lead to the heart. Thus, a healthier body. In addition, the Okinawans consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables and good fats as well as physically active.
That way it can be concluded that reduces 25-30 percent of calories as the same as not eating dessert. And a knowledge also that cutting calories can keep the human brain stay young, so it becomes an incredible discovery that could be one mediator diet program for our brains.
In the future there is hope to find how to activate CREB1, so as to create a drug or a cloth so as to keep the brain young without having to do a strict diet program. So little share from us, we should start from ourselves that eating it is necessary and required, but also should pay attention to our body's health factor. There is also a popular doctrine that "eat before hungry and stop eating before satiety" is a very valuable lesson to keep the body and organs of our body is always healthy.
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