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Effects Of A Strict Diet

For some people, especially women, diet is considered as a powerful way to lose weight. Many methods and diet programs are offered and can be run by everyone as in the previous post revealed a lot of methods such as diet diet for men, diets for women, easy steps to lose weight and others. All of that is supporting the success of a diet program will be undertaken by the actors as well as you. And many promises in the offer there, supported by highly motivated and consistent then the result is that you can see yourself. But in addition to benefits that are so big of course there are side effects that caused, as saying there is no ivory that is not cracked, it needs to be aware of the effects you may experience especially if you are strict dieters because there are adverse effects to the memory for the perpetrator.
There are studies done in America that a strict diet is to reduce the consumption of large amounts of carbohydrates, and since a considerable shortage of carbohydrate affects the person's brain memory and cause people easily forget.
A study involving a number of women aged 22 to 55 who go on a diet for a week. After a diet, the women were then conducted a test of the ability of memory tests. Result, the ability of respondents to be less than a week before the diet of carbohydrates.

The results can be concluded that the body in desperate need of carbohydrates to be converted into glucose which is needed for brain activity. Although the protein is converted into glycogen is also able to provide nutrients for the brain, but can not function as effectively glycogen glucose

So with the diet method that does the extreme reduction of carbohydrate (strict diet) the body deprived of glucose supply is very influential in the human brain works. And if that happens then the system causing the brain to decrease and the result offender will experience memory loss.
So for the record that not every diet is good for health especially diet that leads to instant weight loss. So just do a normal diet can also refer to the articles that are here. Do it with patience and make yourself a motivation in the success of the diet programs that you do. Thus you will avoid the risk of harm for your health.
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