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Diet According To Genetics

Many have complained that it has done a lot of diets but body fat is still no change. So consider this, especially if you also experience it. Because may be the diet you are doing nothing wrong. So this time we will try to explain one of the so-called diet program diet as genetic. Diet is an introduction and advised by Interleukin Genetics Inc.. They do some sort of genetic tests to recommend a diet that fits for you.
In a meeting of the American Heart Association, the researchers said a small study of 140 obese women to lose more weight than those who do not follow the diet as genetic.

"With genetic information can achieve weight loss without pharmaceutical intervention. And help those who are experiencing problems BB, "said Christopher Gardner of Stanford University, California.

There are three types of genes, namely FABP2, PPARG and ADRB2. It said 39 percent of Americans were white genotype have low fat, 45 percent have a type with a low-carbohydrate diet. Then, 16 percent had a gene mutation, so it must be careful with fat and refined carbohydrates.

More than a year, people who diet to follow genetics, weight loss reached 5.3 percent. While the diets that do not correspond to genetic, losing only 2.3 percent.

"One of the gene variations affect the absorption of fat from the intestine. So they have to avoid fat in order to reduce weight, "said Ken Kornman as Chief Scientific Inc. Interleukin Genetics.
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