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Getting in shape is truly a gift that only you can give yourself.  It's the one of the greatest gifts of all!  Embracing a fit lifestyle is highly rewarding in all aspects of your life.   However, as you know fitness success doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes desire, motivation, commitment and determination on a daily basis to attain your fitness goals and dreams.  Though the thoughts of getting in shape may seem overwhelming it is attainable!

You may try to rationalize why you just can’t find the time to take care of you.  There are plenty of excuses of why millions of Americans are overweight and even obese...   Living a fit lifestyle begins by taking baby steps in the beginning, and before long you will be moving more and then you will soon realize that you are more energized and able to run! 

To fully be able to embrace a healthy lifestyle you need to learn to love yourself unconditionally and believe that you are worthy to achieve your dreams of being in shape.  YOU deserve all that your heart desires and can have that which you dream of.

Unfortunately too many people lack the motivation needed to commit to starting or staying on track day after day.  It begins with your habitual thoughts and feelings.  Having negative self-talk will hinder your efforts to get in shape.  Having a positive mental attitude will greatly assist you as you set forth to living a healthier lifestyle.


It all begins by knowing and believing that YOU ARE AMAZING in every way!  YOU should be the most important person in your life ~ not in an egotistical way, but in a loving way.  If you don't put yourself first by thinking loving thoughts, eating clean, exercising often and doing what you love by following your bliss & dreams, then you will not be your best for you or for others.   

Begin by loving yourself unconditionally as you are now.  Let go of negative baggage that make you sad, mad or resentful.  Forgive easily, release holding on to past mistakes, the past is to learn by, not to torture yourself with.  Replace them with thoughts of thankfulness and love for all that you have learned along the way to create the who you have become today.   If you aren't happy with your life, then take control of it.  Believe in YOU!  Believe that you can, be, do or have anything you put your mind too - literally!   Doing so will shift brain waves to create a higher frequencies of thought processes which will support your ambition to improve your quality of life.

As you know living a healthy way of life is highly rewarding, you will have more success and happiness in all areas of your life.  Think about those you look up to and respect.  Why do you look up to them?  It's because they have high energy and ignite emotions of improvement in you.  When you love and respect yourself fully you will feel vibrant, healthier, happier, excited, joyful, intuitive, forgiving and empowered!  Living a fit, happy life is the fountain of youth.  You can turn back the clock on your ‘real age’ by thinking on purpose, living your truth, loving unconditionally, eating healthy whole foods, exercising regularly and being joyful.

By creating your thoughts on purpose you will begin to be the master of your mind.   It takes time to conquer the mind, just like developing a sculpted body, it takes time, persistence and determination.  By being in control of your thoughts and being positive by looking for the good in all situations, including your body, you can choose thoughts to assist you in creating your life and body of your dreams that will surely come to fruition if you do so daily! 

Starting any lifestyle change is half the battle, finding the motivation to begin may seem difficult.  You can begin slowly by walking briskly for 20 minutes a day or jogging on a treadmill for 15 minutes, within time you will be able to exercise longer than you did the week before and before long you will begin to see results when you look in the mirror which will motivate you even more to accomplish your fitness dreams.


5 Motivational Tips to Achieve Fitness Success

1. Love Yourself Unconditionally. Think & speak positively to yourself and of others.  Listen to your higher self, follow your heart, and believe in you!

2. Set Goals. Write down short term goals in the present tense, as though you have already accomplished them, i.e. “I am 10 lbs lighter.” “I wake up each morning and exercise.” “I crave healthy whole foods each day.”

3. Visualize Your Success.  Visualize daily exactly how you want to be, use all 5 senses. Post a photo of your dream body. Have gratitude throughout the day for your miraculous body & for all the blessings in your life.

4. Be Prepared.  Plan your meals & workout routines the night before, and then follow through.

5. Log Your Success.  Keep gratitude, diet & workout journals. Being accountable to you is highly motivating and will keep you on track with your fitness goals.

If you do the above faithfully you will achieve your fitness dreams!  Believe in all that you are and have fun as you continue to strive to live a healthier & happier way of life.

Thank you for reading!

Carol Whitaker
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