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5 Methods of Dieting is Wrong

When we want to determine the right diet program, certainly we must put the safety and effectiveness of programs that we will use. Now that a lot of various diet programs launched and promises incredible results, without regard to side effects. Because according to the newspaper so many diet programs to thousands of them. But among these diets, there is a harmful diet programs, including:
1.Baby food diet
Baby foods known to be very low in calories. To lose weight, many adults think eating baby food. One jar of baby food is usually less than 100 calories, while foods for adults usually contains 300-500 calories.
The experts say, would be better if adults do healthy balanced diet by consuming more whole fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean meats. By eating healthy foods will be more filling and suppresses appetite.

"After a few days eating baby food, I'm sure there will be a desire to eat other foods," says nutrition expert, Joy Bauer.
Not to mention, it costs to buy a bigger baby food and the contents of your bag will be depleted.

2.Tapeworm Diet
Basically, this tapeworm diet is not recommended. Because you have to swallow the tapeworm parasite, which can be found in animal faeces, cooked meat is not cooked or infected.
Doing this diet can indeed break down your digestive system, thus decreasing appetite even no desire to eat at all. Diet is also very dangerous because it can worsen your health condition.

"This is a crazy idea, tapeworms are parasites that can cause serious health problems. The diet is not the best way to lose weight. Even in the U.S., tapeworms traded illegally," said Bauer.

3.Diet snacks
Eating 1,800 calories of food a day, it will definitely help people lose weight. However, eating snacks will not minimize the reduction in weight and when you want to return to normal diet, the body's need for fiber, vitamins and other nutrients needed will be difficult to obtain.
"Small Food or snacks are loaded with sugar, bad fat, and too much flour can wreak havoc on blood sugar and increase inflammation throughout your body. This could be detrimental to your body and your health," said Bauer.

4.Diet HCG (pregnancy hormone injection)
One new method to lose weight is the HCG diet. This method involves the process of HCG or Choriogonadotropin. Diet alone system by injecting HCG within three weeks.

HCG is a hormone produced by the female body during the early phase of pregnancy. Characteristics of fat mobilization is key to weight loss. Although the injection of HCG is a valid resource to strengthen the pregnancy according to the FDA. However, the organization does not approve the use of the same with weight loss.

HCG Diet is known to have an impact that no number. The way this diet recommends the intake of only 500 calories a day. Meanwhile, state health practitioners, the level of calorie intake is too low can interfere with healthy survival. In fact, low-calorie food intake can also have deleterious effects in brain function.

No doubt, with a minimal amount of calories in the process of a person's diet, it will definitely lose weight, but fat will accumulate again.
HCG injections also produce a variety of side effects including headache, fatigue, depression, increased levels of irritation, blood clots, breast enlargement in males, and ovarian hyper stimulation in women

5.Consuming apple cider vinegar
Now there is another trend by consuming apple cider vinegar diet. They believe if they eat this apple vinegar, he said could reduce appetite. How to consume is with drank three teaspoons of apple vinegar drink before eating, but I also do not know more about this trend. What I know from the book Diet Trend Biology is such a risky, because it is acidic apple cider vinegar is very high, so it can make us sick digestive tract, especially stomach ulcers. It is more risky to health and an error in the present Diet Trend.
Above are three examples of a variety of Diet Trend today that may pose a risk to the health of our bodies. So if you want a healthy diet, you can try to eat
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