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* Paula Fellingham Interview with Carol Whitaker *


I am honored to be a Show Host for the The Women's Information Network.  Below is a link to an interview I did for The WIN's launch in Nov 2010.

~ Lifesytle Fitness Coaching ~

As a Lifestyle Fitness Consultant & Coach I specialize in online Lifestyle Fitness Coaching for life & body transformations.  I am passionate about assisting my client's to fully accomplish their goals & dreams in all areas of their lives.  I teach how to live from spirit to become whole and complete.  By balancing the body, mind and spirit life becomes more joyful, abundant and easier.  I teach how to fully embrace their true magnificence from within to be able to create the life & body which they desire.   
I offer one-on-one personal online Lifestyle Fitness Coaching, it is incredibly powerful!  I am honored to assist those that feel an awakening within to want to truly improve and transform their quality of life as I coach them daily on how to create the life of their dreams with less effort & ease.  Each of my client's learn how to release limiting emotions and thoughts and learn how to reprogram the mind through the power thoughts and feelings. 


If you are struggling emotionally or physically, or find it difficult to be happy and positive about life, I can help you.  You don't need to suffer anymore...  Life is meant to be joyful in every way!  I can teach you powerful life-changing tools that will literally enable you to create and manifest the life and body which you wish for.
By learning to love unconditionally you will have more inner-peace as limiting thoughts will begin to vanish as you replace them with powerful thoughts.  Bing positive most of the time will become a natural way of being.  By learning how to be the master of your mind you will be able to think from your higher-self, you will be able to create the life your dreams on purpose, and the laws of the universe will become harmonious within to bring about people, situations and events to manifest your intentions.  It is your Divine Birthright to have all the joy and abundance in the world. 

You were created on purpose.  You can fulfill your destiny.  You are magnificent! 

By having an awareness of being happy and joyful you'll soon discover that you are blessed with tender mercies from above each new day.  Soon you will live your life in an attitude of love, joy and happiness as you move along your beautiful path being filled with hope, faith and belief that all things are possible.  Synchronicity will begin to unfold miraculously each new day. 
Please feel free to email me at for more information or to order a LivFit Coaching Package today. Thank you!

Carol Whitaker

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