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3 Diets are Dangerous

Diet is a choice made by some people to get the body Lansing and look sexy, especially for a woman. And indeed there are many methods of diet on health and decided to by some nutritionists to be a reference for a woman to go on a diet. And there are many celebrities that refers to a program in which he decided to by experts. Many women who succeed on the diet so as to programs that reduce weight by several kilograms. But too many are failing and even suffer side effects from diet programs they run. And it turns out there are many nutritional diet program that decides to take the lead on extreme diets, promising significant weight loss in some time. But have adverse effects for the body and can even be life threatening for those who do the program. Here are some diets are dangerous and bad for health
1.Diet dunkan
This diet has become a trend among celebrities for the jinefer lopes, Giselle Bundchen, and others because it promises a decrease to 6 pounds in a month. But in the midst of its popularity, some experts from the UK to give a statement saying that this diet is a diet that is effective and without scientific basis. Diet was introduced by nutrition experts from France is indeed promising significant weight loss without reducing appetite, as long as it is in the form of the protein. The concept of occupation is diet, eating foods high in protein, low in calories, and reduce appetite. The body's absorption of the protein will lead to burning calories, and allow weight loss without losing muscle strength.
But apparently according to experts from the British diet is causing side effects that are not good for health such as infertility, breathing stops during sleep, high blood pressure, type two diabetes, liver or cardiovascular illness
2.Diet extreme downsizing of the stomach
This diet was made by a woman who comes from the English, because it has taken various diet programs and it does not produce the desired results then this woman decided to eat less by way of reduction surgery with surgery of the abdominal cavity. But this decision was disastrous for him because after some time had passed this woman suddenly lost my appetite even every food you eat is always vomited again. He started a lot to lose weight even limp did not have the energy because there is no intake of food into his body. At its peak this woman became very thin and weak with no energy.
3. Diet following the Paleolithic era
As the name implies, this diet trend to follow the way of human eating aka Paleolithic time era antiquity. At that time, early humans eat food they could find, like the flesh of their prey, plants, fruits and vegetables. So now Trend Diets that follow a pattern like this much we find around us. People on the eating of meat, vegetables and fruits, without eating rice or the like, because they can make the body fat.
Though this would pose a risk to our health, diet trends such as this actually makes the body become less healthy because of the lack of carbohydrates and other nutrients needed by our body.
That's some poor diet and even harmful to our bodies. Perhaps the body is slim and healthy is everyone's dream, especially women, but of course with a good diet and consistent will get good results. Do not let us follow and even dangerous diet that promises amazing results.
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