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Obesity and healthy diet tips

Obesity is the most frightening and most avoided by humans, especially for a woman. because obesity is one of the factors that cause various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and so on. And for a woman is overweight is a frightening specter because in addition to affecting the appearance also raises a lot of thought as clothes do not fit, others fear being ridiculed, fear not sell (no men who would girlfriend) until the fear of their partner cheating .. because of It performed a variety of ways to keep the weight of a reasonable start up at the extreme there is even a motivation that say "lose weight or be cut into pieces his body" to motivate yourself in a program to lose weight ..
There are some myths or issues that can cause obesity, among others:
1. Stress
a person under stress will tend to apply the pattern of unhealthy living one of which is uncontrolled diet and the result is obesity
2. Diet is one
When people exercise diet programs sometimes do their own without following the guidelines and advice from health experts, so the diet is made it triggers obesity .... oh my god ..
3. Mealtimes are a mess
Often times most of us do not pay attention to this because of busyness or other reasons, our eating becomes uncontrolled lunch hour sometimes a 13 but sometimes 15 hours
4. Breakfast and dinner
many of which assumes that the breakfast and dinner is the cause of obesity and ultimately you avoid to not have breakfast or dinner, but the opposite is true, because it really is the breakfast is needed to control your appetite during the day.
5. Fat and plenty of water on the body,
with the number of fat on the body clear the causes of obesity, but many who do not know how to get rid of fat from the body.
6. Poor body metabolism
metabolism and low or bad but that enter the body's calorie intake is very high .... oh my god ..
Some of the above factors are the cause of obesity in most of us and probably many more causes of obesity that has not been pointed out
However there are several factors to program or diet to lose weight include:

a. 600 calories can easily fit into the stomach by eating pastries and snacks. Try to limit eating snacks and pastries.
b. Instead of eating her cream soup, choose broth soup with no cream. Cream will add calories to your meal.
c. Instead you buy a meal out, would be better if you bring food from home. Bringing food from home will indirectly help limit your lunch. You often hungry stomach to see the food delicacies displayed in outcomes is not it? :)
d. When eating try to eat low-calorie foods first and later to a more calorie foods. FIRST vegetable / fruit first and then his rice and side dishes.
e. Use a smaller plate than usual. Smaller plates will indirectly of petrified you put less calories into your body because it was as though you have eaten a plate full of dishes when you are actually small.
f. Chew your food slowly. This step is effective enough to make you full faster so that it can be said this move effectively as a means of quick and healthy diet.
g. Reduce use of salt
h. Drink 8 glasses of water per day. This is the minimum amount.
i. Avoid fast food.
j. Diet is the best exercise for aerobic exercise.
k. Do not miss the main meal. eat 3x a day, not less. 2 x daily eating a healthy diet is not the correct way

Good ways / tips on a healthy diet and fast is beneficial to you.
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