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What a fun weekend we had as a family. We celebrated Labor Day by having a family barbecue, we had yummy food, wonderful company, and a lot of relaxation. I have to admit that I ate way to much fruit!!! I literally felt like I was going to pop! I was so frustrated with myself... but it at least I didn't eat anything processed or with sugar. Still the same, I had way too much of a good thing. So now that I've recovered I'm back on track! Yeah!

Often times I see people staring at me in a grocery store or at dinner. At first it used to bother me but now I just ignore it. It's because I feel good about myself and people are drawn to a positive person with a high self-esteem (not an arrogant attitude). I've even been approached with questions of how I stay looking young. I thank them then tell them how I live my life. I am richly blessed with a loving family fist and foremost which makes for a happy life. And in return I reflect happiness and security.

Anyone who really wants to live their best life has to want to be happy and feel great. My top ten tips for looking your best and feeling great is sure and simple. It has always worked for me.


1. Get up in the morning and say aloud or in your mind 5 things that your grateful for. Start your day off right - having the attitude of gratitude.

2. Get showered and put on make up or shave (for you men out there) every day! It doesn't have to take long, by taking pride in yourself is telling those around you that you love who you are. Then put on a nice outfit and not sweats or an oversized T-shirt. By doing so you'll feel better about yourself from the very beginning of the day.

3. Get in an exercise routine. Morning, noon or evening whatever fits your schedule get at least 30 minutes of heart pumping fitness into your day. Try to get your heartrate up in the morning and again in the evening if you can. Make it a priority daily!

4. Tell those around you that you appreciate and love them. The more you are grateful for the more you will have to be grateful! It's a beautiful thing!!!

5. Take at least 10 minutes for yourself each day to ponder and reflect on spirit. Be prayerful daily and know that there are no accidents, everything in life is for our learning and growth. After all, you wouldn't be who you are today without the experiences in your life.

6. Eat clean wholesome foods! The saying "you are what you eat" is very, very true. Most people feed their cars and animals better than themselves! Don't you want to live a long healthy life for your family? Then buck up and eat right! There are no more excuses - eat every 3 hours consisting of a lean protein, complex carb & veggies. It's sweet and simple and you'll feel great too!

7. Don't forget to drink your water! You're mostly made of water, your body need to be replenished well to rebuild strong healthy cells. Drinking high ph water and Liv SXinney Water will keep you in a high ph level and will detox you all day long as well. By staying hydrated you'll have more energy, your metabolism will increase, your health will sky rocket and your skin and hair will also improve.

8. Get plenty of zzzz's. Getting to bed early will not only help you feel happier but you will also have more muscle after a good hard workout from the day before. Sleep is essential to good health. Try to get to bed before 10:30 pm! Your body will be grateful you did!

9. Have fun! Take time for some true R&R everyday. Life can become way too stressful if you let it. Take time to read a good book, play with your kids, walk your dog, cook your favorite meal, talk to a friend, or have a date with your sweetheart.

10. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! How many times do you find yourself saying something negative about yourself? How does that make you feel? It's not healthy in any way, shape or form - so stop self sabotage and self doubt today! Start today by saying "I love you" each time you see yourself in a mirror or a reflection in a window. Be kind and loving to your body. Believe in yourself! You really can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Believe you can, follow through and achieve your goals! And remember you are the most important person on earth!

So there you have it! Live these principals and I guarantee you'll look your best and feel great! And you'll be on your way to living a happier more fullfilled life! :)
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