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When beginning a lifestyle change like the LivFit Lifestyle it's important to understand when your body is truly hungry. Did you know that often times when you feel a hunger pang your body is actually telling you its dehydrated? Or even more often its an emotion; you may be board, lonely or stressed which makes you crave comfort foods to help soothe your feelings.

Here's a few rules to go by to keep your hunger in check:

1. Eat often. Eat a SMALL meal every three hours - without any snacking between meals.

2. Wait 10 minutes. When you feel hungry get a tall glass of SXinney Water and a packet of cRave then wait ten minutes. If you're still hungry eat a handful of nuts, but don't over indulge and give in to extra unwanted calories, especially if it's between meals.

3. Stay hydrated. Drinking at lest 64 to 100 oz of Liv SXinney Water a day will keep you full and will elevate your metabolism. You won't desire as much food when you're well hydrated.

4. Check your emotions. Take note if you're truly hungry or just board. Most people get the munchies (me included) when their board. Stay active and stay busy. Try to stay out of the kitchen when emotions arise.

By really listening to your body you'll soon discover that most of the times you think your hungry you're actually thirsty or its your emotions taking over. Do yourself a favor and really try to follow the rule of eating at least 5 meals a day. By doing so you'll reprogram your body to know when it needs fuel and you'll soon get past the random eating. Make a decision today to begin your new LivFit Lifestyle! Make the change, believe in yourself and follow through. :)
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