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Yesterday was so fun! My daughter cantered in her english saddle for the first time and in the rain to boot! She was at her lesson when she did it, her trainer was just as proud of her and I was! She was on cloud 9! Pagie Girl is doing extremely well with her. I'm tickled they love each other so much.

This morning we woke up to a raining overcast day. It's been a long time since we've had a rainy day like today. It makes me want to stay home and read a good book. It also makes me want to make homemade wheat bread, chicken noodle soup and snuggle with my kids when they get home from school. I'm typically a sunshine girl, but it's kind of fun to have rain for a change. My kids love it too.

I want to touch base on the importance of eating a clean diet. My typical diet consist of whole foods with about 10% snacks, or some type of comfort foods. For me a snack would be my home made no-bake cookies made with skim milk, peanut butter, cocoa and oatmeal - it's highly nutritious and very yummy. Or I'll make whole wheat pumpkin (dark chocolate chip) cookies or whole wheat oatmeal cookies. I grind my own wheat so it's extra delicious & nutritious. But I rarely eat those, there's too much fat & sugar despite the nutritional benefits.

Eating clean means to eat foods that are whole & unprocessed. Which means low in sodium & sugar. I try not to eat too many protein bars because of the processing involved. If I'm on the road and am not able to eat a homemade meal then I'll have a cRave and take an all natural protein bar. But my general rule of thumb is to be prepared with my food. If I know I'm going to be gone for a few hours then I'll eat a meal prior to leaving. I eat at least 25 grams of protein and a complex carb, veggies & some good fat right before leaving my home. And I always take my SXinney Water & cRave with me too. It makes a huge difference in keeping my blood sugar level. I love it so much! Seriously!

So try to eat clean every clean 3 to 4 hours, drink at least a 1/2 a gallon to a gallon of water a day and try to eat veggies at least 3 times a day. I have a grocery list in the bottom part of my blog. Use it if you need ideas of what foods to buy to assist you in eating clean. If you follow the 5 meals a day guideline you'll be well on your way to a leaner, happier you! :)

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