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Eating a small meal every three hours will literally reprogram your metabolism. By eating a protein, complex carb, veggie and good fats your body will use the fuel given for needed energy. If fed the correct portion your body will know when three hours has come and gone and will be sure to let you know it needs more fuel.

Eat 3 small high protein meals with 2 protein snacks in between each meal. Eating every three hours is essential to achieving a lean, hard body. If overfed at any one meal your body will not be hungry after three hours and will store the unused fuel as unsightly fat. A helpful tip is to eat only half of your food and save the rest for your next meal.

By eating every three hours you'll feel great, have more energy, and will burn fat fast! And to top it all off you'll have tons more confidence & will feel empowered! So don't forget to eat and as always be sure to drink your Liv SXinney Water all day long!
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