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5 Tips To Eat Well But Not Stretchy Body

Maintain your diet does not mean there could be a good meal. Can still eat your favorite foods with sufficient amounts and satisfying taste. Some simple tricks can be done in order to eat well and tasty without the effect of elastic bodies.

If the hobby a sandwich, fries and other foods, there are some tricks that can still enjoy them without guilt. Provided that no portion is superfluous. Here's a trick to eat your favorite foods without the extra calories:

1. Eating Sideways Sandwich Bread

When serving sandwiches, served open-faced sandwich without using one-sided sandwich bread. Two pieces of bread used in sandwich contains about 190 calories. By using only one bread alone, calorie intake was reduced to 95 calories. If the routine can reduce about 31 920 calories in a year.

2. Remove from packaging
When eating potato chips or French fries, potato out of the wrapper. Then place the container with a limited number. This can effectively limit the portion of a snack, because it holds a lot of snack portions make hand unconsciously pick up and could not stop eating.

3. Sitting far away from food
Rows of course tempting delicacies to be tasted. It is certainly difficult when you're dieting, but nothing could dampen appetite. Take enough food from the buffet line, then find a seat some distance away. This can prevent eye and hand of the look and feel attractive and delicious food.

4. Drink Water Before Eating

Stomach really hungry to make the body want to eat more. Make it a habit to drink water before eating, so that the stomach filled with water and food intake can be limited. Drinking water before meals to make free from the guilt of eating too much.

5. Enjoy the aroma of food
When the dish at the table, a time to enjoy the smell of food in advance. According to a study in America, when food had a strong scent, the brain could indicate if the food is high in calories. The result, you tend to eat less.
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