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5 Vandals Diet

Frustrated with the various weight loss slimming diet program that always fail? You may have made mistakes in the diet makes the body fat are reluctant to shed.

Here are some common mistakes that unwittingly triggered the failure of diet:

Give 'power' of food
All depends on the mind game. Food does not have the power to force you eat. Is a source of strength is passion within you. That is, you have full power to say no word against the high-calorie foods or snacks that you should subtract.

Pitting good vs. bad food
Do you think that food is classified in categories of good and bad? Wrong. Food is food. Not good food. There are no bad foods. What is important how we manage its portion of the body needs nutrients.

Each food has different nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Some are rich in fat, salt, sugar, high fiber, or high protein. And, despite the potential to trigger fat-fat, no fat foods then it 'haram', is not it?.

Only when the fat diet
Many people are reluctant to sacrifice even more when the goal has been reached. This often makes a number of people who managed to reach the ideal weight leaving her diet pattern. As a result, the body was quickly re-inflated.

Diet is actually how we regulate food intake pattern to create the conditions for a healthy and ideal body. Therefore, make the diet as part of a healthy new lifestyle, not just a "short course".

Diet did not have to exercise
Do you think you can lose weight without exercise? This is not something that is impossible if you're on a slimming diet. However, the results will not be maximized. In addition to helping accelerate fat burning, exercise is also important to maintain the firmness of body fat after the decay.

Some health experts recommend doing at all low-calorie diet without the balance with exercise. Diet is not just how to get the slim body ideal, but also healthy.

Only foods that make fat

Causes of body weight would not go down not only because of the consumption of fatty foods but also high-calorie beverages. Many are not aware of a number of beverage store that can confound the effects of diet programs, such as blended coffee filled with whipped cream or drinks racik like.
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