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3 Words To Ward Off The Temptation To Eat

One more thing that you can make a weapon for weight loss. Of course, in addition to diet and exercise. Take advantage of just three words "magic", a rejection when offered a tempting food.

An experiment conducted by a researcher from the United States, Vanessa M. Patrick and Henrik Hagtvedt. they try to figure out the most effective resistance to withstand the temptation diet destroyer.

A total of 30 women involved in this experiment. They were divided into three groups and given different strategies to resist food. The first group had to say "I will not" when offered food.

Then, the second group have to say "I can not", while the third group have to say no. The experiment was conducted for 10 days.

"After ten days, it is clear that women more often than the first group managed to resist the temptation to overeat," says Vanessa M. Patrick, as reported by Genius Beauty.

The researcher explained that the strategy of "I do not want to" contribute to a growing self-awareness, control and create positive change in the long term behavior of the women who participated in the experiment. At the same time, the strategy of "I can not" imply a failure to achieve something very desirable and cause discomfort.

The conclusion is that the strategy of saying "I'm not going", is quite simple. And, most important magic rejection words can really help you lose weight. No harm in trying, right?
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