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Special Glasses For The Diet.

People will eat less when you see that there is food in front of him look bigger. The blue color also can calm the brain so that people who are dieting eat less. With a combination like that, scientists are creating special glasses to diet.

Glasses are named Metacookie, which is a TV screen tech spectacles built-in to make food appear larger 50 percent. Japanese scientists have made ​​these glasses would be a good trick for people who are trying to lose weight.

The process of this food make the food look 50 percent bigger, but still keeping your hands and dishes at the same size (not enlarged). The concept is to trick users into believing that he ate more food.

Metacookie designed to decrease your appetite by tricking the mind's perception of food.

While the other gadgets that are tested in the same laboratory is MetaCookie +, which sends images to the eye through the TV screen dieters, while the smell of food into the nose.

+ MetaCookie transform the flavor of different foods, such as diet cookies will smell like chocolate chip cookies, so it will help dieters to eat more healthy foods.

The concept of these gadgets are being developed together with Metacookie, which trick the brain by making people think that what he saw and smelled real, which in turn can alter the taste of food.

Both models were developed by a team of researchers led by Professor Michitaka Hirose at Tokyo University, Japan.

Experiments show that the glasses Metacookie, people will look at the size of the food 50 percent larger than actual size, so that people will eat an average of 9.3 percent less than those not using these diet sunglasses.
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