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I've been sick for the past few days and have missed working out big time! It's agonizing for me when I'm down and can't keep up my fitness routine. When I'm not feeling well I'm tired and find that I eat much more than normally because my will power is basically shot... not good! But even when I don't feel a hundred percent I still do some type of exercise, why? Because it keeps my body lean and I feel much happier, I have more self-confidence, I have more energy and I feel sexier for my sweetheart - which leads to really happy things. :)

So why do you want to live a fit life? Have you sincerely taken time to really listen to your heart as to why???? If you have not take time right now and right down a page or more why you want to improve your life, your health and your fitness level. If you have already (good for you) take a moment to read over your list, did all of your reasons focus on other people in your life? Does your list focus on "your" needs? If you set your fitness goals based upon personal self improvement, that's awesome! And if it didn't take time re access why you want to become healthier. Getting in shape for someone else is never the right reason, it's a good reason for sure, but you have to start with your heart and spirit first to truly transform your life and your physique.

So set your dreams and goals, really focus on you! Take time to exercise and eat right every day, not just now and again. As you do your mind will change, your body will crave healthy foods and you'll begin to see the results your desire. And as always, be sure to incorporate Liv Sxinney and Go into your life each day. They're not only a weight loss and muscle building products but they're also incredibly healthy for you too. They'll improve your mood, you'll have more energy and you'll feel better about yourself too! What more can you want out of life... more money??? Yes, Liv Sxinney will help you attract more abundance too! ;)
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