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I'm passionate about assisting others to be the best they can be. I continually strive to improve myself and to keep a positive mindset. I live my life on purpose. I live with immense gratitude for everyone and every life experience I am blessed with.

Years ago I used to struggle with anxiety and occasional depression. When I was at the depth of coping with chronic fatigue syndrome I was extremely tired, weak and worn down. I would often complain to my family and friends about how hard life was. I knew I wasn't as happy as I could be. Then one day I decided that I was done living a low energy way of life. I decided to change my way of thinking, I wanted a happier & healthier quality of life. I began by letting go of limiting beliefs that kept me from reaching and achieving my goals. I began reading educational books on diet & nutrition, doing charity for others, being more kind and understanding to those that I once judged or felt hurt by. Soon I began feeling stronger, happier and more alive! I chose to look at the illness as a gift instead of a difficult trial to suffer by. After all, had I not experienced such pain and anguish I would not be where I am today, and for that I am grateful! I still have a hickup of fatigue now and again, but that's okay, I realize now it's my body telling me to slow down and smell the roses... I've learned to listen to my body and respect it.

I continue to improve my emotional skill sets and fitness level. By doing so I was blessed with the gift of Liv Sxinney, it has literally improved my health & fitness in remarkable ways. I love sharing it with others; I know that their life will improve as well. What a fabulous gift to share! Health is everything, it doesn't matter what car you drive, how many toys you have or how big your house is if you can't fully enjoy it. I love Oprah's message this year, Live Your Best Life. By taking your health into your own hands - it's powerful beyond measure!

And for self improvement, I'm have been blessed with the gift of - I love it so much! Each day I'm blessed with learning from the greatest masters alive today. Learning from the experts has improved the quality of my life in unmeasurable ways. Who doesn't want to improve their lives, their income and their family relationships? iLG is my favorite Mastermind Community on the internet. By opening my heart and my mind like-minded people and things have been attracted to me and I to them; it's sincerely miraculous in my eyes. I enjoy each day as a spectacular journey in which to embrace and learn by.

Try to spend each day in an attitude of gratitude & abundance. By choosing to be happy & thankful you will attract happier people and experiences to learn by. It's truly a gift! Treasure who you are, simplicity and love. Give when you can and believe the best is yet to come...
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