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Everyone I know wants to lose weight at the first of the year. In order to accomplish this you have to be committed to your goals! And you have to do two things daily: Exercise and Eat Clean.

Make exercise a top priority, set your workout clothes on your bed at night to help motivate you in the morning. You don't have to workout hard, 20 to 30 minutes a day is a great start; before long you'll find yourself wanting to workout longer and harder (especially when you start seeing your physique begin to take form).

Eat clean - by that I mean, no sugar, white flour or processed foods. Your body is a hard working machine that requires clean, pure fuel. If you get the munchies grab some cRave and drink Liv Sxinney to balance your sugar level. And try to eat your last meal by 6 or 7 pm, consisting of clean protein and lots of fresh raw veggies. Most people take better care of their cars and pets than their own body. Living the LivFit Lifestyle is not a diet – it’s truly a way of life. So take you food seriously, and feed your body the energy it desires and needs to work at its optimal level.

By following these simple LivFit guidelines you will see results! And you will accomplish your weight loss & fitness goals! May you have a prosperous and highly successful 2009!!! Make it the best year ever by honoring and believing in You!
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