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Releasing resistance is often easier said than done, so, how is it that we can release this resistance and finally make better progress?  It’s by paying attention to your feelings to allow that which you desire to come to you. 

Learning to recognize the feeling of resistance is the first step.  By understanding that ill feelings towards a thought or experience is actually resistance to letting go you will be able to come to understand that you can let it go by focusing on the positive, and before long you will be relishing in the beautiful treasures that life is bringing to you.  You will shift to attracting amazing experiences you wish to attract, and they can manifest much more quickly and easily!

Resistance is your internal guidance system reminding you that you are off course of achieving that which you long for.  It’s common to have formed a strong habit of allowing ourselves to be loaded down with resistance which is wreaking absolute havoc in our bodies and lives.  It is keeping us stuck and unhappy.  By holding on to resistance you will find that you’ll have more confrontations with family and friends, you’ll be moody, you won’t want to exercise and your creativity goes down the drain.

If you suspect that you may be struggling with resistance don’t try to hide it under the rug or talk yourself out of it, make peace with it by looking at the life lessons and realizing that your limiting beliefs do not serve you.  Dream big dreams then allow your higher self to radiate and lead your way by following your heart.  If you focus on following your bliss each new day then synchronicity will play a daily role in your life, thus bringing to fruition that which you desire.


  • Living in the moment.  Live in the now by focusing on the present.  All your power is in the Now!
  • Move forward in Faith believe that the Lord clears your way before you.  Faith always proceeds the miracle!
  • Discipline your dominant thoughts.  Set goals & an action plan then think success and expect excellence!
  • Be clear about what you desire exactly, feel what it feels like as though you have it now to supercharge manifestation!
  • Let go of negative friends and associate that are energy suckers, only talk to people who make you feel better about yourself.
  • Follow your bliss!  Do what makes you happy and show thankfulness & appreciation for your body and for the world around you.
  • Embrace taking the path of least resistance by have a positive mental attitude.
  • Create new truth in each area of life.  Your habitual thoughts create beliefs, so think on purpose!
  • Meditate morning and night in bed. As you begin to awaken focus on your dreams with gratitude and again at night as you drift off to sleep.
  • Share your light within with others by doing charity.  Charity is the pure love of Christ ~ serve others often!
  • Take focused action and follow through with your inspired goals.  Your higher self knows your destiny, trust what you feel and believe that all things are possible if you believe it!
  • Let go and TRUST that the heavens will orchestrate the universe to attract your desired manifestations.  With God, all things are possible!
If you practice living the letting go and letting God you will be able to shift from a negative resistance mindset to a powerful mindset of creation.  Thoughts have energy frequency vibration, stay in the vibration of creation by having faith that it will only get better, the best is yet to come!

Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach & Consultant
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