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Diabetics Should Avoid 5 Foods This

People with diabetes must have been completely avoid sugary snacks. In fact, sugars are everywhere, including in food and beverages that you did not previously have thought. Such a variety of sauces and cereals are also potentially raise blood sugar levels.
And with an unhealthy lifestyle and lacking in a diet, diabetes is very difficult to prevent its development.
On average Americans consume more sugar than the recommended standard. Every day they mengasup 475 calories from added sugars, or the equivalent of 30 teaspoons of sugar. The figure is 3-4 times higher than the American Heart Association recommendations.

Sugar high in calories, so sweeteners are also often be avoided by people on a diet. In this article we will know and recognize what foods that contain sugar.
There are five types of food that contains sugar is quite high and should be a concern for you people with diabetes, following the food in question:

1. Pasta sauce
Sugar is often written after the puree and tomato juice on the label pasta sauce. The sign, sugar is the third most important compositions in pasta sauce. One well-known brands of pasta sauce contains 15 grams of sugar (about 4 teaspoons) per 1/2 cup serving. Choose a sauce of sweetener (corn syrup may be) written at the end of the composition or not listed at all.

2. Salad dressing
Fat-free salad dressing that does not mean sugar free. To maintain it, the manufacturers use sugar and salt. Honey and fruit juice concentrate so often the main source of calories in salad dressing. Sometimes in the 2 tablespoons sauce 2 teaspoons sugar there.
Use the sauce is made from canola or olive oil major. Although high in calories, both good for the heart. But do not use excessively.

3. Smoothies
Smoothies in the package may contain sugar in large quantities. One of the leading brands contain 38 grams of sugar (9 1/2 teaspoon) and 230 calories per bottle. Although some sweetener derived from low-fat milk (lactose) and blueberry juice (fructose), sugar second only to milk in the list of ingredients. To be healthier, make your own smoothies at home.

4. BBQ sauce
Some bbq sauce brands contain 80% of calories from sugar. Just imagine, in 2 tablespoons of sauce, there are 3 teaspoons of sugar. The raw material consists primarily of tomato puree, high fructose corn syrup, and molasses. However, there is also a barbecue sauce containing less sugar.

5. Multi-grain cereals and crackers
Cereals and crackers made from whole grains (multi grain) is healthy. Besides containing lots of fiber, these foods are also low in fat. However, healthy food is often high in sugar. Per cup multi-grain cereals containing 6 grams of sugar. Choose a plain or natural course. Add fruit or a teaspoon of sugar if you want it manis.Cracker too. A portion could contain 4 grams of sugar. However, there are several brands that contain no sugar at all.
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