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Living a Fit, Happy lifestyle is a gift that is ultimately brought on by your thoughts, feelings & emotions. I'm passionate about living my life to the fullest in all areas of life, that includes doing something that I love dearly every single day.

My greatest treasures besides my amazing family are my precious horses. They inspire me to be better, to reach higher and to believe in my dreams. When I'm with them everything I'm worried or concerned about fades away... literally. My spirit ignites with joy, true happiness and love for them and for me! They fill my spirit with ultimate happiness every single time I'm with them and for that I am truly grateful. I'm thankful not only to Page & Flash (my horses) but to the Lord, I give thanks every single day for the bountiful blessings in my life - in all areas of my life...

You too can have a Fit, Happy world around you by embracing what you Love every single day. What do you love to do? What enlightens your spirit and brings you ultimate joy? What were your childhood dreams? Are you fulfilling your ambitions? Are you honoring you by in all areas of your life?

If not, then it's time to make time for you! If you do you'll soon find that you'll have more energy, more patience and will be more loving... Your family & friends will indeed reap the benefits too... =) You owe it to yourself to do what you love to do! If you don't have a hobby then create one - reach back to your childhood memories and fulfill now what you could not do then, it will awaken feelings of youth, pure love & gratitude! It's a beautiful thing!

Do yourself a favor and believe in all that you are and can be... You deserve to live a Fit, Happy Life Now! Embrace all that you are and go do something that brings you joy... You'll be so glad you did! =0)

Until next time LIV FIT, TRAIN HARD & LIV HAPPY!

~Carol Whitaker
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