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To build lean, sexy muscles you need to focus on each muscle you're working when weight training. If you go to the gym and chit chat with your friends as you lift you will not see results as quickly. On the other hand if you focus on your biceps and engage your mind as you lift and see them as rock solid then your mind will tell your muscles to work harder and recover sooner.

It's scientifically proven that the power of the mind is incredibly powerful. See yourself as you want to be. Speak positively to yourself daily. And really focus on your muscles when you're working out. Feel the burn and watch your body transform before your very eyes. There's nothing more rewarding than experiencing the ultimate benefits of your hard heart pounding workouts! It's exhilarating! So remember to focus, focus, focus! Always engage your mind when lifting weights! It's well worth your time & effort to do it right.
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